A future farewell and a call for submissions

I’ve been doing a lot of mulling lately over Badass Lady Creatives, a project which has existed in some format somewhere between two-and-a-half to three years. I’ve been feeling that this site as it exists today has somewhat run its course, and that to stay relevant, BALC needs a revamp and additions of new programs, events, etc.

So I’m standing at a crossroads. On the one hand, to do this project right in the future would, to my mind, take a lot more time and effort than is currently needed. On the other hand, life changes and it has become increasingly more challenging for me to devote the time to BALC. I’d also like to explore some other ideas or side projects. There are a few different solutions to this time crunch, but to be honest, the one I feel most comfortable with is moving BALC to archive only. That is, keeping all content available but essentially closing the blog at the end of May 2016.

I’m speaking quite rationally about this, but I have quite a lot of feels about this blog. To honor the women around me—in an industry that still needs that—has been so, so wonderful. I’ve made so many friends both on- and off-line; discovered so many new-to-me people doing great stuff; and talked to heroes under the guise of an “interview”. ;] The warm-fuzzy feeling I get from making someone feel (ostensibly) honored and validated is a powerful, incredible thing. The never-ending nature of “share the work of talented women” is an awesome and overwhelming task. Which is why I am glad, even as I close this blog, others exist in this space, such as: Women of Graphic Design, Tomorrow Looks Bright, Alphabettes, Babe Vibes, and Got a Girl Crush.

Which brings me to the other point of this announcement. The next few blog posts on BALC will be focused on a variety of resources, rather than features on individual people. For the last post, though, I’d love to do one last hurrah with all of you. I’d like to know 1) what is a dream project you’d like to work on in the future? and 2) who is a woman whose work or way of thinking has inspired you lately?

Please send in your submissions below by May 20, 11:59pm PST, and I’ll share your answers in the final blog post.

It’s not quite the end yet, but I want to say thank you to all who have supported Badass Lady Creatives over the past couple years. Your enthusiasm has meant the world to me. All the good emojis are for you. ✨💯⚡️🎉💗🌟💓

(Submissions now closed)

Many thanks!