Women who code—and blog

I keep a reading journal to track of the articles I read each week. Lately I noticed that despite following many women developers on Twitter (some of whom blog! Some of whose blog posts I’ve read!), I’m subscribed to mostly dev blogs written by men.

To rectify this, I went through the people I follow on Twitter and Github, and asked for some suggestions. And wow, did I get a lot of suggestions! One that came up a few times is this list by Brent Simmons, which you should check out as well if you’re looking to read posts by women developers; he even made a file you can use to subscribe to the blogs on his list. Another cool resource that game up is this spreadsheet of women in gaming.

Without further ado, here’s my list, compiled from the Twitter suggestions, people I follow on various platforms, etc:

Accessibility (a11y)


Data, statistics, and related languages



Front-end (HTML, CSS, and/or JavaScript)

Game Dev



Maker projects

Mobile Dev


Powershell, SQL Server, Azure, ASP.NET, other MSFT tech



Other STEM topics

If you enjoy reading tech books, Lara Hogan has put together a list of books written by women. And if you’re on Twitter, John Resig’s Women Who Code list is a HUGE list of women devs to follow.