Product Design by Rebecca Goldman: Heyday


We humans often want to record what we’ve done or where we’ve been, for fear that the memories will slide away with time. The problem is, when you’re splitting your attention between enjoying the moment and taking photos/notes, you often miss out on a fuller experience. Heyday, an automatic journaling iOS app that launched yesterday, seeks to solve that problem. According to the official blurb:

Heyday transforms the photos and videos on your iPhone into a beautiful journal, presenting you with a delightful way to rediscover your most important memories. And since life happens when you least expect it, Heyday automatically chronicles the places you go and the things you see so you’ll never forget a meaningful place or moment again.

Rebecca Goldman is the product designer behind Heyday, which boasts “50 unique collage layouts” (dang, way to solve art direction vs. customization). Her/their decision to use purple as the main brand color is so smart. There’s very few purple apps out there, and basically anything that’s not blue will stand out amongst similar apps. Though if you believe Pantone, this color is on trend.


More screens from the app / the login screen / Heyday is featured on the app store!

See more clean, thought product design from Rebecca on her portfolio, or download Heyday on the App Store.