Animation design by Naoko Hara

Personal animation

Personal animation

Naoko Hara, freelance motion graphics designer, only just graduated from the School of Visual Arts (SVA) in 2014 and is starting off quite strong in her field. In such a short space of time she’s already served as lead animator on projects, and worked with prominent clients like Coke, TNT, Showtime, ESPN, and Fusion Networks. Among the styles she works in to fulfill these briefs, this NYC-based designer particularly shines when her work has an abstract flavor.

My favorite among Naoko’s works thus far is her contribution to Fusion’s “Self Evidence” series:

For this project, Naoko says Fusion gave her “an interview VO with Janet Mock (NYT best selling author), one month time frame, and complete creative freedom”. This creative freedom is readily evident in the end result: there’s a lovely tension in the abstract elements and a buoyant joy throughout the animation. What I think Naoko does particular well here is balance synchronicity between image and audio against ending up too matchy-matchy.

Instructor: Gerald Mark Soto, SVA; Music: Daramophone by Caravan Palace

These geometric animations of the JAQK Cellars logo are conceptual student pieces, but they feel highly appropriate for a wine seller with “fun” at the core of its brand—especially given that aesthetics are how many, if not most, people choose their wines.

Instructor: Gerald Mark Soto, SVA; Music: Jolie Coquine by Caravan Palace

This unofficial JAQK animation in particular makes good use of the musical texture.

Black-on-white abstract animation for Goodbyemotel by Naoko Hara

Continuing our theme into abstraction, these blueprint-esque animations are deeply satisfying to watch, and would feel at home in the opening credits for an action film. Naoko designed and animated these elements for rock band Goodbyemotel’s internal video project.

Black-on-white abstract animation for Goodbyemotel by Naoko Hara Black-on-white abstract animation for Goodbyemotel by Naoko Hara

There’s more to see from this young animation designer. If you’re on a slow connection or cell service with limited data, I would suggest checking out more of Naoko’s work on her Vimeo account. Otherwise, see more work—with hi-fi animated gifs—on Naoko’s portfolio.