Listed Last Week, Volume IV.

Julie Ann Horvath | on Badass Lady Creatives

Julie Ann Horvath

is a designer and front-end developer at Github. This Seattleite also founded Passion Projects, monthly talks from leading women in tech.


Erin Nolan | on Badass Lady Creatives

Erin Nolan

is a digital product designer based in Brooklyn, NY. Erin used to design for Twitter, but has recently transitioned into freelance, a move celebrated with a new website:


Karli Ingersoll | on Badass Lady Creatives

Karli Ingersoll

is a freelance graphic designer operating out of Spokane, WA. I’m smitten with the branding she created for The Bartlett, a music venue she co-owns (also in Spokane).


Jessica Mckellar | on Badass Lady Creatives

Jessica McKellar

is a software engineer and developer from Cambridge, MA. Jessica has contributed to a bevvy of Open Source projects, and is a leader in the Boston Python community.


Ola Sitarska | on Badass Lady Creatives

Ola Sitarska

is a Polish developer who has done quite a bit at her young age: Ola taught herself Python when was 16 so that she could build an online game for girls; co-founded Issue Stand; and organizes a variety of dev events in her home city of Warsaw.


Julia Yellow | on Badass Lady Creatives

Julia Yellow

is a New York-based illustrator with quite a robust editorial illustration portfolio. Julia creates quite intricate spot illustrations for The New York Times and other international publications. See our post on Julia on Design Work Life.


Félicie Eymard Ericsdóttir | Full post on Badass Lady Creatives

Félicie Eymard Ericsdóttir

is an industrial designer currently studying in Brussels, Belgium. Félicie has a talent for creating beautiful and functional housewares. See more on our post.


Krista Engler | on Badass Lady Creatives

Krista Engler

is an art director at Cobble Hill in Charleston, SC. What I appreciate about Krista is how much design is a part of her life: it seems she’s always working on some new fantasy rebrand or making adorable stickers for a backyard BBQ.


Stay tuned for more badass creatives!