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KU Design Week | on Badass Lady Creatives

Claire Pedersen

is studying graphic design at the University of Kansas, and is set to graduate May 2014. She has a rock-solid portfolio spanning identity, print, illustration, and mobile projects. We featured KU Design Week, a collaborative design project led by Claire. Read full post →


Miss Lotion | on Badass Lady Creatives

Miss Lotion

is an illustrator based in Copenhagen, Denmark. She has a colorful, charming style and a focus on editorial illustration. That being said, Miss Lotion—aka Louise Rosenkrands—has also done some really great murals. Read full post →


Ash Huang | on Badass Lady Creatives

Ash Huang

is an independent designer in San Francisco, CA. She’s previously worked at a handful of awesome companies: Pinterest, Twitter, Code and Theory. Ash’s (aka “ashsmash”) portfolio is heavy on UI design and illustration. Read full post →


Helena Price | on Badass Lady Creatives

Helena Price

also lives in San Francisco, California. She does beautiful portraiture, and if you’re a tech company seeking a photographer to shoot your space/headshots/culture, Helena is your girl.


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