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63 Objects taken from my Son's Mouth

Lenka Clayton

is a Pittsburgh-based conceptual artist with a penchant for collected items. Read the full post →


It's Warm Inside by Shawna X | on Badass Lady Creatives

Shawna X

is a designer-illustrator based in Chicago, Illinois. Shawna’s work is clean and bright, and we’re particularly enamored with her “It’s Warm Inside” project. Shawna was nominated by Jason James; thanks, Jason!


Isabela Rodrigues | on Badass Lady Creatives

Isabela Rodrigues

is a graphic designer from Porto Alegre, Brazil with a tendency towards bright color palettes. Isabela’s eponymous branding studio seems to specialize in packaging, but she also designs identities, interiors, and websites.


Illustration by Charlotte Trounce | Full post on Badass Lady Creatives

Charlotte Trounce

is a London-based illustrator who has worked with a variety of editorial clients. We love her delicate city scenes; check them out on the blog post.


Jessica Svendsen | on Badass Lady Creatives

Jessica Svendsen

is a graphic designer at Pentagram, working under Michael Beirut. We dig her strong, graphic style, especially her fully-considered posters. Read the full post →


Ana Albero | Full post on Badass Lady Creatives

Ana Albero

is a Spanish illustrator now based in Berlin, Germany. She has worked with a variety of editorial clients, and her illustrations and comics have been published in several zines. We found her via this Workspiration interview with Tuesday Bassen, who we also interviewed awhile back.


Katelin Gibbs | on Badass Lady Creatives

Katelin Gibbs

makes beautiful and often conceptually-driven jewlery. Katelin was nominated by Becca Barnet, who says:

Katelin is a bright, bubbly and beautiful girl who has moved all around the US. She makes insanely delicate, intricate jewelry and somehow manages to run her business and look effortlessly gorgeous while doing it.


Stay tuned for more badass lady creatives!

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