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Netta Marshall | on Badass Lady Creatives

Netta Marshall

is a UI designer based in San Francisco. Previously with Rdio, she now leads design at Watsi. Netta is also available for freelance!


Nicole Sullivan / Stubbornella | on Badass Lady Creatives

Nicole Sullivan

is a front-end web developer nominated by Brenna O’Brien. You may know her for Object-Oriented CSS (OOCSS), an approach for writing scalable CSS.


Brenna O'Brien | on Badass Lady Creatives

Brenna O’Brien

nominated Nicole Sullivan, but we dig her work as well! Brenna is a Toronto-based web developer with a special interest in responsive design. And the girlpower community goes full circle—Brenna collaborated with other designers and developers on the Women&&Tech site.


Yumi Sakugawa | on Badass Lady Creatives

Yumi Sakugawa

is a comic book artist/illustrator based in Southern California. We posted about her charming comics on Design Work Life last week. Read the post →


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