Listed Last Week, Vol II.

Juhi Chitravanshi | on Badass Lady Creatives

Juhi Chitravanshi

is a UI designer from New Delhi, India. She’s currently working as the design lead at Zomato (a city-exploration iOS app, similar to Yelp).


Rachel Levit | on Badass Lady Creatives

Rachel Levit

is a Brooklyn-based illustrator with some really nice editorial work. Rachel also has an active art life, showing pieces in galleries and making personal work, such as these awesome ceramics.


Jeannie Phan GIF | on Badass Lady Creatives

Jeannie Phan

is a Canadian designer working mostly in acrylic gouache, ink and digital media. Much of her portfolio features book/portfolio work, but she does some infographic work as well. Jeannie’s “Swim” zine is on the top of my to-buy list.


Lilli Carré | on Badass Lady Creatives

Lilli Carré

is a multi-disciplinary artist based in Chicago, IL. Her work spans books, illustration, drawings, and sculpture, but we featured her for her moving illustrations.


Tara Dougans | on Badass Lady Creatives

Tara Dougans

is an Amsterdam-based illustrator who does intricate, animated portraits. Tara is also an art director and has collaborated with several clients in the fashion world—a good fit for her style.


Sam Ballardini | on Badass Lady Creatives

Sam Ballardini

is a New York illustrator who works in animation. Her Tumblr is chock-full of dark but accessible illustrations.


Ericka Lugo | on Badass Lady Creatives

Ericka Lugo

graduated with an Art History degree from the University of Puerto Rico, but decided after graduation to pursue illustration. Ericka works in Orlando, Florida and specializes in illustration/coloring for comics, but would like to branch out into editorial.


Kenesha Sneed, Motion Designer | Full post on Badass Lady Creatives

Kenesha Sneed

is a motion designer out of LA. She designs assets for animated advertisements, and her work spans a wide variety of styles. Check out the full post on Kenesha.


Megan Fox | on Badass Lady Creatives

Megan Fox

is a freelance UI/UX designer working and living in St. Louis, Missouri. She specializes in mobile and website design, and according to her Dribbble, is available for new work.


Anna Leenewitz | on Badass Lady Creatives

Annalee Newitz

is the editor-in-chief of io9 and published author. She specializes in journalism on science, pop culture, and the future.


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