Creative Director: Jessica Bauer-Greene

Jessica Bauer-Greene / on Badass Lady Creatives
The Topshop iPad app in motion.

Possibly the most exciting bit about launching the site has been watching the nomination form submissions coming in. This nomination for Jessica Bauer-Greene comes from Brett Bergeron, who says:

Jessica runs the San Francisco office for Huge, a global digital agency. Overall, she’s pretty boss.

A sound assessment for this Creative Director. Much of Jessica’s best work is interactive design for the fashion industry, but all of it feels tight, well-considered. Jessica brings an editorial sensibility to the web and beyond, and the maturity of the resulting layouts is so impressive.

Jessica Bauer-Greene / on Badass Lady Creatives
This property page for the Four Seasons Hotel feels like a magazine you’d be reading poolside at such fancy digs.
Jessica Bauer-Greene / on Badass Lady Creatives
The stats for a product on the Topshop iPad app are a nice touch.
Jessica Bauer-Green / on Badass Lady Creatives
We can all agree the IWC website is gorgeous, right?

View more work on Jessica’s portfolio, and be sure to check out the Topshop app; there’s plenty more nice details and interactions.