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This is one of those impossible posts—the last post. How to articulate everything the Badass Lady Creatives project has meant to me? Writing about and interviewing awesome women over the past 3 years has led to so many friendships, good vibes, and TONS of new favorite designers, illustrators, artists, and so on. Thank you to all who have supported the project over these past couple years, it truly means a lot.

In case you missed the previous post, Badass Lady Creatives will no longer be updating, but all the content will still be available if you ever want to look through the archives. That post details my thinking there. I also asked readers to share, in a last call for submissions, who you’re inspired by lately, and what you’d like to work on in the future. Here’s what you had to say:

Album artwork by Marleigh Culver

Album artwork by Marleigh Culver

Marleigh Culver, design/illustration/painting

Inspired by: Ashley Jones
Dream project: a project for a botanical garden. Maybe a redesign for one with cool interactive apps/collateral? Anything to do with plants and a productive, healthy subject.

Lisa Lok, design

Inspired by: Gemma O’Brien
Dream project: designing a mural

Keara McGraw, illustration

Inspired by: Zelda Galewski
Dream project: a collaborative body of work that combines illustration, textile and print through the efforts of artists across work locations and practices.

Kate Proulx, product design

Inspired by: Vanessa Saba and Lisa Hedge’s work on Venamour (site by another bad bitch, Colleen Redmond) is inspiring to me because it feels beautiful, refined, and luxurious and has a quality I always find difficult to incorporate into my own work.
Dream project: to create a line of white cotton and linen basics, from undergarments to dresses, to jackets and bags. I would love to work on a project that makes white cotton underwear sexy again.

Annie Wang

Inspired by: Lisa Hanawalt
Dream project: organizing and moderating a series of small gatherings where we are allowed to be vulnerable, and anxious, and figuring stuff out together.

Globe and Mail iPad and iPhone apps. Team includes Allie Ball, as well as Marina Bukvic, Matthieu Mingunson, Yuna Kim, Sandra Dalvilla, and Ricky Blake

Globe and Mail iPad and iPhone apps. Team includes Allie Ball, as well as Marina Bukvic, Matthieu Mingunson, Yuna Kim, Sandra Dalvilla, and Ricky Blake

Allie Ball, design

Inspired by: Keetra Dean Dixon
Dream project: build a digital and physical interactive dream land of lights and sounds and touchy things

Haemi, comics

Inspired by: too many!
Dream project: create a comic/ game magazine that features my life (i.e. what I’m going through, what I see and experience, opinions and thoughts, etc)

Kate Braham, UI and graphic design

Inspired by: Arianna Orland
Dream project: to work on an education app with rich media and illustrations. With the project decisions are data and user driven rather than based on opinion and bureaucracy.

Stephanie Irigoyen, design

Inspired by: Dina Rodriguez
Dream project: fun branding for a community organization, maybe something about visiting local parks!

Illustrative works by Jennifer Kahn

Illustrative works by Jennifer Kahn

Jennifer Kahn

Inspired by: Amy Woodside / OK Real
Dream project: to interview/illustrate other creatives I admire

Joanna Martin, design

Inspired by: Sarah Andreasson
Dream project: designing environments from top to bottom, building a complete experience from the brand to the interior/signage to the digital space.

Emily Haasch, design

Inspired by: Eileen Tjan
Dream project: designing a NASCAR car


Inspired by: Olivia Ives-Flores
Dream project: create a sustainable art collective


Thank you all once again for reading and encouraging this project. It has been a joy to share your work and badassery, and I wish you all the best in the future. <3


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