Rad new site alert: Alphabettes

This stuff can get pretty niche—meaning, pretty interesting.

This stuff can get pretty niche—meaning, pretty interesting.

Oh wow, am I excited about this one: Alphabettes is a cleverly-named “loose network” of women working with or design typography and already a gotta-subscribe site for those curious about type. Created by Amy Papaelias and Indra Kupferschmid, Alphabettes showcases work by its members; reviews typefaces; interviews type designers*; and shares research and commentary on topics both technical and theoretical.

It’s this wide reach of content—which I previously enjoyed on Indra’s personal blog, as well—that makes this blog-format site so compelling. Projects that feature women tend to have a more singular focus (self included) and I am just so thrilled to see a project that combines support for women with insightful commentary on their given industry as a whole.

If you’re looking to fall down an Internet wormhole, check out the full list of Alphabettes, linked to their sites. Further representing their membership, the “nameplate” in the site header pulls from typefaces designed by the Alphabettes. At time of writing, the site header features Tânia Raposo’s “Tuscan”.

Looking forward to hearing more from Alphabettes!

* “Type designers” as used here is my own term, a shorthand for all the many labels you might give someone with type at the center of their work.

Found via Shauna Lynn Panczyszyn.


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