Modern-day Renaissance Woman: Carina Santos

Carina Santos | Badass Lady Creatives
Above: album art for “Winter Quay/Summer Blankets”

I’m not sure I’ve “known” anyone on the internet longer than Carina Santos. We met in the heyday of Livejournal, back when I was spending my nights collaging stuff and taking photos for the art-journal community jr__nal. Cool times.*

Carina—based in Manila, Philippines—is a designer who does a little bit of everything: design direction, front-end development, art, writing for her own blogs and various other outlets, cataloging her experiences through digital and film photography. To someone who wants to dabble in everything, it’s so inspiring to see her invest time in new side projects and get involved in her local creative scene.

One of my favorite endeavors will always be Carina’s collaged art pieces. Plenty of people work within this magpie aesthetic, but her work just gives me *the feels*. Here’s a few pieces from her 2012 solo show, “How Still, How Fast”:

Carina Santos | Badass Lady Creatives
“Sleep in Our Clothes”
Carina Santos | Badass Lady Creatives
“Wait for Winter”
Carina Santos | Badass Lady Creatives
“XO 1977”
Carina Santos | Badass Lady Creatives
“Rosy-Minded Fuzz”

If you happen to find yourself in the Philippines next month, Carina is putting on another solo show at Blanc Gallery, (145 Katipunan Avenue, Quezon City, Philippines) on February 8, 2014. With a working title of “Where My Body’s Been”, Carina will explore the concepts of “space” and “leaving”.

And there’s plenty of places to follow Carina online, including:

*I’m just kidding, it was super cool and I loved it.