A Home for Badassery

Every few months there’s some new drama in the design community about a gender imbalance: on speaker panels, in awards rosters, in leadership positions. Lack of diversity in high-profile positions is a bummer, but more telling is what we do day after day. A few months back, I was perusing a popular blog and noticed that many of the creatives it featured were men. I figured there was some sort of cognitive bias at work, and did what any anal retentive person would do—count how many of the features were men, and how many were women. At the time, 82% male.

That was discouraging. I refuse to believe that the design community is so heavily male-skewed, particularly having graduated from a program that is consistently dominated by women. For me, the best way to support an inclusive community was not to complain about decisions out of my control, but to showcase talent from lady professionals. Sharing work leads to opportunities, so why not support the women I respect?

Badass Lady Creatives started as a social-media-only thing; some really awesome friends and I have been pinning work to Pinterest, and sharing stuff we like on Twitter. It was a great way to get the project off the ground quickly, but I soon craved the ability to share more robust content.

So here you have it! A website. Subscribe to this blog for features on women and their projects; peruse the directory if you’re looking for someone to follow or hire; check out our fledgling resources list; or nominate someone who you think is badass.

Gender is only one element of diversity, and one blog isn’t the solution to a healthy professional community, but we have a lot of great work to share with you. Can’t wait.