Badass Lady Creatives celebrates women working in the creative industries.

The idea was simple: creative communities benefit from diversity, but there was a notable lack of women (for starters) featured on speaker panels, in leadership positions, and even in our daily blog feeds. From 2013–2016, this site featured talented women professionals who deserve to be recognized for their work. It was an honor to get to share just a small part of the never-ending excellence of women all over the world. And there were ways to improve, too—to take an example, I wish I had been aware of non-binary identities while naming this project. We are always learning.

BA Lady Creatives is now in archive-only mode, not because the work is done (it is never done), but so yours truly could explore other new projects of her own. While new posts and directory listings will not be added, please contact me at if you’d like your information modified or removed, or have anything else you’d like me to know! Let’s continue to build a healthier community together.

— Melanie Richards